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Home>Projection Lamp>10 Planet Star Projector Night Light, 3 in 1 LED Ocean Wave Galaxy Starry Night Light , Remote Control /Bluetooth Music Player for Kids Baby
10 Planet Star Projector Night Light, 3 in 1 LED Ocean Wave Galaxy Starry Night Light , Remote Control /Bluetooth Music Player for Kids Baby

10 Planet Star Projector Night Light, 3 in 1 LED Ocean Wave Galaxy Starry Night Light , Remote Control /Bluetooth Music Player for Kids Baby

US$ 49.99
  • Detail
    • Product Name: 10 Planet Star Projector Night Light, 3 in 1 LED Ocean Wave Galaxy Starry Night Light , Remote Control /Bluetooth Music Player for Kids Baby
    • Item NO.: Planet Projector
    • Weight: 0.45 kg = 0.9921 lb = 15.8733 oz
    • Category: Projection Lamp
    • Brand: Jinlycoo
    • Creation Time: 2021-05-12

    • ✨NEWEST Planet Projection: Bring 10 planets into your room! 2021 special edition of the starry projector light can teach children about space planets and cultivate their interest in astronomy. Our light projector can not only transforms your room into a vast universe, but also emits an array of twilight stars to project starry scene. Turning your place into a magical experience.It can only project ONE planet each time.
    • ✨32 Lighting Modes & Brightness adjustable: You can change the light freely in single color or multi color according to your mood and hobbies. The colorful light casts on ceilings or walls and will create the romantic, relaxation, or cozy ambiance you need. Low light - medium light - high light perfectly matches the desired atmosphere.
    • ✨Built-in Music Speaker & Music Activated: Works with smartphones via Bluetooth or just insert TF card allows you to explain the mysteries of the universe to your children in a fun music atmosphere. With unique sound-activated mode, the lights flicker and change patterns with the beat of the music, resulting in a starry sky projection.
    • ✨Remote Control & Auto-off Timer: The remote control is equipped to operate all functions, including swtich light mode, light color, switch music, adjust volume and brightness, and set a timer(0.5h/1h/3h/5h)

    • ✨Ideal Gift: Planet starry projector night light is perfect gift for birthday, party, wedding, room decor, Children's day, Christmas, anniversary. Also it can be used as an ocean wave projector, romantic mood light, night lamp and bedside lamp.

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10 Planet Star Projector Night Light, 3 in 1 LED Ocean Wave Galaxy Starry Night Light , Remote Control /Bluetooth Music Player for Kids Baby
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Customer Reviews



The only little complain I have is that I dropped it (from not too high) and now it makes noise. But that is my own fault . My son loves it though and have it on every night.


Really gives chill vibes to my room. Use it every night to go to sleep and the brightness can be reduced if you like it like that. Speaker works great too.


Very cool a very good projector. Its screen selection is more than planets when you add sound it becomes quite an Intense Psychedelic experience. The remote feature is nice too when you want a brake for a more relaxing theme.👍


We live this product. We have severL different types in the house but this one has the planets that shine beautifully in the dark!! Plays music when connected to blue tooth and the kids are really enjoying this one.


Easy to load up with calming music/sounds. My disabled daughter loves it, and it really helps her get to sleep.


I bought this for my Grandkids and they really liked it, enjoy laying down the bed to relaxant learn the planes, really fun 🙃


My son told me he was going to be a scientist that studies space... especially black holes. He doesn't want to go up into space or get near a black hole because he says if you get too close to it you will die. Well, I certainly don't see him going into space anytime soon, so bringing the planets into his bedroom is the best I can do for him right now. This is a good little projector for a kids room. Has a lot of little extras, but most kids will mainly use it as a night light. Perhaps as he gets older he might use the speaker features, but for now it's all about the planets.


This is the best gift EVER! So cool and way better than I expected. I figured the planets would be lame compared to what they show on the picture presented, but I was so wrong! They are just as amazing in person!!! I can’t believe the quality! My 5-year-old son is obsessed with this and so am I (36-year-old female here and this is just as exciting for me). There are so many different modes and backgrounds and I’m so impressed with all of it. This will be my go to gift for basically any kid in the future!!


I bought this as a gift for my adult daughter and she raves about it. She uses it in her bedroom to relax and prepare for sleep. She says it works great for that purpose. She is very impressed with the quality of the unit and the clarity of the projected images of planets and stars.


Really cool but it would be better if it were motorized to sequence the views instead manually having to move images


So fun for teaching planets.


I love it!


Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

 I've had similar devices, but this one has more settings and features. It also comes with a remote. You can can the nebula type colored backgrounds to different colors or turn it off, you can show or hide the stars, or show/hide planets. These are controlled with the buttons or the remote. There is a wheel you can turn to change the planets/moon. It shows up very brightly on my ceiling and the projection of the planets are very clear. Cool device, also has a sleep mode for auto shutoff.


For the price, this is a good little projector. Like others have said, it would be nice if you could click through the planets on the remote and if you could see more than one planet at a time. The other thing that really bothers me is that the stars are green. I would like to be able to change the colors of the stars or for them to just be white instead. The green stars takes away tremendously from the realism of the projection and it bothers me, but my 5 year old seems to love it, so its fine. Overall, its something I am happy with and would recommend to anyone that has children. Its a great way for them to engage in learning about planets and space. It has to be in the middle of the room, I have noticed, to fill up the ceiling of our bedroom. If it's on the bedside tables, it will only fill up half the room.


I love everything about the product, except for the fact that it makes noise when the speaker isn’t on. It’s not super loud, but it’s still there. Either way I love this product.


Oh my goodness, our granddaughter absolutely loves this. The only complaint I have is she will not got to sleep while it's on lol 😂


I needed a light to keep my infant daughter entertained without placing her in front of the TV and this did the job. Structure is very sturdy, I’ve dropped it a couple times and it remains intact. Settings are very cool, comes with a remote, extension cord is decently long. Displays all the planets, different colors, and different modes


My son loved that he can change the planets


You can have a real nice night light show, anytime of the day with this Galaxy Projector. Thank you for reading my review. I hope you find it helpful. OZ


This thing is a little pricey so I was worried but I got this for my son for his birthday and it lit up our whole living room ! It’s so bright and rich in color and shows different planets he absolutely loves it and so did everyone on Facebook too! 😄Definitely recommend!